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Elite Code of Conduct

Please take a look at our Code of Conduct. It is very important for us that you understand these rules, especially when you come here to make an application.

1) Help each other out as much as possible – being a family style guild we really appreciate it if you do this. When you know a member is looking for an item and you have it, consider offering it for trade. We make ourselves better by making each other better.

2) Please do not ask for power leveling or gold from our members. That doesn't mean someone won't offer to help you. In fact, we have very generous and helpful players here. We are more willing to help you but you have to show that you are willing to help others too.

3) Communicate with an officer when you have questions or do not necessarily understand the choices being made by the guild leadership. We will be happy to explain or try to work out any problems you might have. We do not really appreciate complaints being made to guildies who are not an officer - this does not solve anything and just creates drama. You should whisper or PM an officer to solve problems. Guild chat or world chat are not the right channels for that.

4) When in a public group or another guilds raid group, listen to the leader and follow whatever raid rules they have. Don't accuse people of wiping the raid, even if they did. Let it go. People don't always do things the same as us so try and go with what their rules are and maintain a civil attitude no matter how bad things go. Treat others like you would treat guildies: with respect.

5) We are not 1337. We do not shout and yell to others about how great we are. Spamming guild chat or world chat by linking epic gear and using the word “pwn” a lot can be really annoying. We have some awesome players in our guild but we stay modest about it. This also has something to do with treating others with respect.

6) Do not flame people. It is one thing to joke around on world chat but to outright attack someone is unbecoming. Even if they are insulting you, simply ignore it or report it to an officer. If they say things that simply aren't true, state the truth and move on.

7) We are not an alt guild. We want this guild to be first on your priority list. No alts in guild allowed without mains.

More information about Elite can be found in our knowledgebase.

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